I attended Kingdom Enforcers Conference for the first time in 2009 and my life was dramatically changed.  For many years I had a vision to start a ministry that will help children and the poor in New York.  I came to KEC and was empowered to move from just dreaming and talking to creating "Caring Hearts, Loving Hands Intl", New York.  KEC, Toronto is my destination every year for empowerment, networking and for powerful Praise and Worship.  Dr. I. Leslie, New York. 

Because of Kingdom Enforcers Conferences I now have relationships in Africa, UK, Canada, Singapore, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, South Korea with potential for global opportunites for ministry and business.  I am an accountant and with the empowerment that I receive from KEC and our Kingdom Leadership Network of leaders, I am now also in the airline business, building solutions, mining, etc with no limits as God opens the doors.  I was a member of the team of Business Delegates that Dr. Pat, through her company Elomax Capital, took to Accra, Ghana in November 2010. J. Ericson, Australia.

My life changed after Dr Pat came to minister with us in South Korea.  She taught on God's plan to prosper His children for greater Kingdom purpose.  With new understanding and greater revelation God opened by heart to receive resources for my family and I and to aspire for greater influence in the Kingdoms of this world.  I take a team of Korean Church and Business Delegates to Kingdom Enforcers Toronto every year.  Dr Jeong, South Korea.

Kingdom Enforcers Conference, Toronto is a must for us every year.  In an atmosphere of powerful worship and dynamic teachings, we get the opportunity to meet and build relationships with global leaders.  Our business has expanded in Asia and Europe is continuing its growth because as a member of Kingdom Leadership Network we have tapped into the anointing for global influence.  The KLN Business Forum luncheon on the Friday is a must for us as we join with a passionate group of global business leaders for new opportunities, partnerships and sponsorships. V & D Wong, Toronto.

Kingdom Enforcers Conference is a must for me every year.  I am empowered, I get lost in Praise and Worship and I have the great opportunity to fellowship with global church and business leaders.  It is like a family reunion for me every year.  As a successful business woman in Indonesia, I thought I had it all until I realize that I can go from glory to glory for I can do all things through Christ Jesus.  Now in addition to my business, I have a Church in Jakarta and I take a team of delegates to KEC Toronto, every year.  E. Kesek, Indonesia.

Kingdom Enforcers Conferences have changed my family, my perspective on life and helped me to grow in faith, power and creativity to create and rule my world.  I moved from having a job to creating a successful business with my wife and we are adding more and more to our portfolio as God blesses us with resources for His Kingdom Purpose.  I have global ministry and business connections now because of KEC.  KEC, Toronto is my destination with a group of leaders from Papua New Guinea every year.  K. Rakop, Papua New Guinea.

I have been so inspired by the teachings and experiences at the Kingdom Enforcers Conferences that I am now launching Pat Francis Ministries, "Rule Your World Conference" in Jakarta, Indonesia.  My family and I own a factory with over 100 staff, I have been a lover of Jesus Christ for many years and yet was not walking in dominion with understanding on how to create and rule my world.  Now I am changed, transformed and walking dominion as God's Ambassador.  I have built relationships with great leaders in Korea, Canada, UK, Papua New Guinea, Africa. I now have global influence and making our world a better place.  F. Arifin, Indonesia.

Kingdom Enforcers Conferences have changed my life.  I am an executive in one of the largest banks in South Africa, studied in many schools including Harvard University and with the platform of my strong past, I am now soaring to greater heights and achievements.  It is all about "relationships".  Dr. Pat teaches that "we are one relationship away from new opportunities, and one revelation away from new possibilities".  Through relationships with Dr. Pat and her global connections, I am now appointed to the United Nations in a NGO status.   Every year I am at KEC, Toronto as I continue to grow greater in revelation, divine connections and personal empowerment.  Z. Musamirapamwe, South Africa.

I am a Pastor in Argentina and I thank God always for His divine connection with Dr. Pat and the international leaders that I meet with every year at our Kingdom Enforcers Conferences.  Every year KEC is a must for me.  After each conference I go home and I inspire our congregation to believe for more and to take the limits off God.  I now have Leadership Institute in our Church and I am inspiring our congregation members to start businesses and to gain more influence in the community. I have learnt how to create and rule my world.  G.Pinto, Argentina.